Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Indigenous Wisdom - 'Maisie Cavanagh'



Our Spirituality
For us Aboriginal people our spirituality
Is the dance that we dance and the song that we sing
Even though others around us cannot hear the melody
It is the very thread that weaves our identity
And enables us to make that inward journey
To experience and know the rapture of being alive.
It is not only what connects us to the landscape
It is also what connects us
To each other.
It enables us to be lifted to those higher places

 Where judgment of others
Is nonexistent and only kindness matters
It makes known to us the way to those sacred places
For peace and reflection.
 And it tells us the stories that give us the guide signs
That lead us through the passageways
As we journey through our lives.
Our Spirituality evokes our prayers for understanding
Respect and recognition for the landscape that we share
It brings forth the awareness in our hearts
That you and I drink the same water
And breathe the same air
If we stood on the moon looking down at the Mother Earth
We could not see any division of states or nations
Only a oneness
And the world can be that spiritual symbol that

Reminds us that you and I really are one.
- Maisie Cavanagh

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