Saturday, 27 October 2012

Interfaith book - 'Seeking the Sacred'


From the moment I first spied this beautiful book I was captivated - the cover itself is a subtle suggestion of the divine at work in it's pages.  Then I opened the book... and fell in love.

First with Iqbal whose poetry entranced,

Who can tell what miracle
Love has in store for us
If only we can find the courage
to become one with it?

Everything we now know
is only the beginning of another knowing
that has no end.

Then with Stephanie Dowrick and her precious book.  Seeking the Sacred: transforming our view of ourselves and one another has become a constant companion of mine. 

Through deep and honest personal reflection, the shared stories of others and beautiful insights drawn from a range of different faith traditions, Stephanie shows how 'the sacred can transform the way we understand and value life, changing forever how we interact with others and care for ourselves'.

There is little doubt that by doing so we are able to go 'beyond cultural divisions and religious cliches to discover what makes our lives sacred, satisfying and meaningful'.   The book offers me much - wisdom, insight, spiritual sustenance, moments for quiet reflection, guidance and inspiration. 

As well as Iqbal's timeless wisdom,  the book contains many more such beautiful reflections, teachings and scriptures from a range of different wisdom and faith traditions, all of which allow us to pause...wonder...and marvel.

Seeking the Sacred is like a chalice of wisdom. It overflows with inspired and inspiring quotes and teachings…Through it all is Stephanie Dowrick’s distinct voice…her empathy for how hard the journey is shines alongside her belief that the sacred can illuminate the way home.… While Seeking the Sacred is about personal transformation, it is a political, even polemical work… a rallying cry that to save the planet we must shed our spiritual and cultural provincialism… - Claire Scobie, Sydney Morning Herald.

Seeking the Sacred is the most profound book for those of us who are exploring in the deepest way through our lives the reality that we are ‘spiritual beings on a human path’. …I have cried and laughed and shared the stories and teachings from this book during the past few days with so many friends and family…It’s a mirror of our inclusive spiritual journeys reaching across many different paths and so needed in the time in our world.Reverend Hilary Star, Auckland, NZ

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