Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Interfaith tour - 'Tours to Places of Worship'

If you live in Melbourne and are interested in learning about some of our world faith traditions, then you may be interested in this tour. The City of Greater Dandenong Interfaith Network is conducting 'Tours to Places of Worship' on August 8th 2012.

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This worthwhile event will be an opportunity to visit the places of worship of the local faith communities, including:

- A Hindu Temple
- A Sikh Gurdwara
- A Mosque
- A Buddhist Temple
- A Christian Church
- Indigenous sacred sites or
- Spiritual traditions

The tour will also be an opportunity to see the diversity within the Melbourne area, focusing on the religious and spiritual dimension of multiculturalism. The group will be welcomed by a member/leader of each faith tradition and will be a great opportunity to learn something of the spiritual and religious beliefs and practises from a diverse range of tradition.

For more information, see www.interfaithnetwork.org.au

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