Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wise words - 'Frank Baum'

'Many ages ago Budda came to enlighten the civilisation of the East.  The pure and beautiful doctrines he taught made ready converts, and to-day his followers outnumber those of any other religion.  To the fierce and warlike tribes of Arabia, Mohammed appeared.  His gentleness and bravery tamed their fierce natures. The followed him implicitly, as millions of their descendants follow him still.  Confucius with ready sophistry promulgated a 'religion of reason'.  His works are to this day the marvel of all intelligent people; his myriads of disciples have never wavered in their faith.  The sweet and tender teachings of Christ, together with the touching story of his life, have sunk deeply into the hearts of those nations which rank the highest in modern civilisation. In their separate domains all these religions flourish to-day.  Their converts are firm and unflinching, their temples cover the land, and each in its own way sends praises to a common Creator - a Universal God'.

- Frank Baum 1890  (Theosophist/author - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)

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